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Say hello Wave Goodbye.. to the summer


SAT 17TH SEPTEMBER 2022 - Doors 7pm

It’s time to Say Hello and Wave Goodbye to the summer! For the first time in 3 years, Fade2Grey are heading back to the Fermain Tavern for a traditional pub gig. All of your electro-pop favourites with a spectacular sound, video and light show from Centre Stage.

This is your LAST chance to see Fade2Grey in 2022 as there will be NO live shows this Christmas. Tickets are £12.50 available now - click below

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About fade2grey

Nostalgia collides with technology to deliver 1980s Electronica.

Fade2Grey deliver an exhilarating live show bringing together songs by The Human League, Depeche Mode, Soft Cell, Gary Numan and many others in an unforgettable electronic experience. Fade2Grey have worked with Hazel Dean, The Beat, Toyah Willcox, China Crisis, Pat Sharp and Strange Arrangement.


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Meet the band


Little Gary Numan

/ Singer, Keyboards /

la la la la. La la la, la LA LA LAAA LITTLE GARY NUMAN, LITTLE GARY NUMAN la la la laaaa la la la laaaaa! LITTLE GARY NUMAN, LITTLE GARY NUMAN la la la laaaa la la la laaaaa! LITTLE GARY NUMAN, LITTLE GARY NUMAN la la la laaaa la la la laaaaa! LITTLE GARY NUMAN, LITTLE GARY NUMAN la la la laaaa la la la laaaaa!



/ Singer, Keyboards /

The best thing about fade2grey is that I get to play my Sequential Circuits Prophet 5. I bought it in 1982 when I was in a band called the Pulse and it’s been with me ever since apart from when I sold it in the early nineties and missed it so much I tracked it down in London and bought it back. It’s getting on a bit now and is a bit temperamental – but hey aren’t we all? It’s great ‘doing’ the eighties again. This time I’m determined to remember it.


/ Singer, Keyboards /

Hi, I'm Kriss and I joined the group mostly because I like dressing up, showing off, pouting and wearing make up. I learned keyboards in under a year, which just goes to show you that it's not really that hard - don't let Chikofsky fool you. However, I do need the different coloured stickers on my keys... I wonder what he used? This eye candy is always up for a groupie to tinkle with his ivories!


/ Electronic Percussion /

Andi stands on the right (as you are facing the stage). To him, thats on the left. Already faded to grey he can't keep up with the extravagance in hair styling shown by the 'fop' to his right (your left as you are looking at the stage) but he seems happy with his really quite sexy new black kilt that he wears very proudly everytime Fade2Grey takes to the stage.